Light Up Someone’s Christmas

As we have all been taught, Christmas is the time for giving and sharing with those we love and care for dearly, but not just. It is also about showing a little kindness to people in our community and beyond who have not been as fortunate in their lives as we are.

This year The Duke Shopping Mall has taken this mantra on board and has decided to give something back to the young ones in our community who could use a helping hand, especially after struggling with the repercussions the Covid-19 pandemic brought along.

Community spirit

Under the vision ‘Light Up Someone’s Christmas’, the shopping mall aims to light up children’s’ faces and make their smiles shine. In a collaboration with Children’s Dreams, the shops at The Duke Shopping Mall have taken on board this CSR initiative, encouraging the local community to donate. Any presents, big or small, are welcome and appreciated.

This Christmas initiative has been set up on location with a custom designed and handcrafted box in the form of a Gingerbread House. Everyone is invited to bring new items and gifts in all shapes and sizes, from clothes to toys, nappies to formula, and bottles to vouchers – every little bit helps.

Gifts and more 

Of course, the shops at The Duke Shopping Mall will be doing their part! Purchases at these shops will also help these children in need because a percentage of the sales will be donated by the said shops of their own accord through presents. Thus, all customers shopping at the mall will contribute to the success of the ‘Light Up Someone’s Christmas’ initiative.

To help promote this idea on a national scale, The Duke Shopping Mall crafted a video around the story of the gingerbread men. It highlights the joy of giving and shared happiness. It reminds us all of the great value community has for each one of us.

Join in and ‘Light Up Someone’s Christmas’!
Gift donations are welcome any day before the 16th December at The Duke Shopping Mall, Republic Street in Victoria, Gozo!

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