Terms & Conditions

Advent Calendar 2020

  1. This competition is open to Maltese & Gozitan residents aged 16 years & over.
  2. In order to take part in the Advent Calendar the user needs to create an accounts. Details gathered will be used for this initiative purpose only.
  3. Any user can open the ‘box’ once per day.
  4. Any user can win up to a maximum of 2 times during the 25 days.
  5. The winning user will need to collect the winning prize from the respective shop within The Duke Shopping Mall.
  6. Any vouchers won are solely redeemable from the shops within The Duke Shopping Mall.
  7. When collecting the prize, the user will be asked to show his ID Card. If the winning users sends another person to collect his gift, they must provide the winning user’s ID Card. No prize will be given within a proper persona validation.
  8. Other Terms & Conditions may apply.