Festive Month

Christmas Season at The Duke is a busy month with activities happening on a daily basis, but apart from the activities and the buzz this season brings, our focus on the concept of ‘giving’ was part and parcel this month.

Under the campaign concept of Shake up Christmas, The Duke extended its opening hours on Sunday and Public Holidays to give more opportunity for its shoppers to get their gifts during their leisure time. Besides the extended hours, The Duke had a jam packed season involving a tonne of activities for kids and adults.

Indeed, up until the 24th December there was the ongoing Advent Calendar, a sweepstakes competition, accessible through The Duke app with a myriad of prizes to be won by the users. On selected dates, until the 24th December Santa’s Magical Booth also took place where the little ones could enjoy an exciting conversation with Santa. What is worth mentioning is that Santa’s Magical Booth was in aid of Puttinu Cares, and in fact, a total of €775 was generously collected for this charitable cause.

Tied in with the concept of giving, besides having the Magical Booth tied with Puttinu Cares, other 3 charitable fund raisers were held at The Duke:
1. Bataan Kids Project through a Bake Sale which raised €700
2. Gift Wrapping Service in aid of OASI which raised €686
3. Bake Sale in aid of Oasi which raised €405

The Duke is now geared for 2018, with yet a packed calendar for its shoppers to enjoy.

Thank you Mum

Dear mum,

A mother’s role might be underappreciated, especially in today’s every changing world. Now that I’m a mother I have come to appreciate motherhood as one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles in my life.

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Like every season, vintage looks come back to the scene. For Spring 2018, we will swear by the trends of the 80s with flare pants, high heels, and big earrings.

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