Gagliardi’s New Collection

With Spring in the air, and the weather getting warmer every day, it is high time for a wardrobe change. All the outlets at The Duke have introduced in full swing their Spring/Summer ranges, and Gagliardi is no exception.

Synonymous with elegance, prestige, and luxury, Gagliardi at Bortex was inspired by remarkable figures from the course of history for their Spring/Summer collection. Drawing inspiration from figures like Cornwallis Harris and Hemingway, Gagliardi’s collection harks back to the prestige of colonial luxury dating back to the 19th Century. Indeed, the collection is not only satisfying and inviting, but also embodies strength with fabrics by Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Zegna, Loro Piana, and Di Fabio.

Gagliardi 3

The colours which Gagliardi chose for this season are alluring, including Royal Blues, Navy Twills, Rich Browns, Light Greys, Raspberry, Tangerine, Taupe, and Caramel. The combination of the 19th Century with nuances of safari-style clothing is more than evident, especially when it comes to print details. For prints the collection boasts ambling giraffes and acacia trees amongst many.

Gagliardi 5

All these elements mixed together compose Gagliardi’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, which Gagliardi themselves believe is ‘a tribute to a golden era of yesteryear and the opportunity to embrace unabashed gallant sensibility’. What we love about Gagliardi is that they manage to emerge a theme so effectively whilst still being timeless and on point.

Gagliardi 2.

Men, you can shop Gagliardi’s Spring/Summer Collection from Bortex, Ground Level, The Duke.



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