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Bottega Verde

Nature comes first.
Italy’s top single-brand beauty store, Bottega Verde opened more than 400 retail outlets in Italy and 80 in other countries. Bottega Verde focuses on Harmony, Balance and Wellness. It has combined its Tuscan origins with the lessons of nature for authentic beauty. Following this path, the cosmetic products are created with the use of more than 300 natural active ingredients, tailored to suit every beauty need.
From delicate perfumes to intense fragrances, exclusive face, body and hair treatments, Bottega Verde provides you with products which leave your skin and hair moisturized, soft and glowing. The brand is supported by the most advanced scientific research and is certified as a Cruelty Free brand, holding a wide range of Vegan products. Engage your senses in their unique and extraordinarily effective products, which has made Bottega Verde the number 1 in Italy and growing worldwide, as over 6 million women choose their natural cosmetics.